Essential tips for House Painters Network

If you are a network of house painters and looking for essential tips which can be used for most f your clients here those are:

  • First of all, calm. The choice of paint for each room is one of the things that cause the most stress during a renovation or when moving.
  • And we already know how quickly the term stress escalates to arguments, quarrels and “well that the one you have chosen, is not ugly or anything!”.
  • Color is not permanent. You can change it whenever you want. So take it as something positive, an opportunity to experiment and give personality to your home.

Of course, if you want to create more harmonious and balanced environments insight, follow the advice of our expert painters, and you will ensure an ideal combination without much effort.

1 : Choose Colors That Go Well With Your Furniture
It is much easier to change the color of the paint on your walls than to buy a new set of furniture, so use what you already have to guide your next election.
The expert Painters of Reparalia teach you their tricks, tips, and ideas to choose well and hit with the color of a wall, as well as the effects on your decoration of each tone and finish of the painting

2 : Consider The Natural Light Of The Stay
 It is essential when deciding on dark or pale tones. Generally, rooms with lots of natural light can better withstand the paint with dark shades than a room with hardly any solar lighting.
Think that lighter shades reflect light, multiplying your presence. Also, choose gloss finishes if you want to reinforce this effect.

3 : Choosing The Right Color Is A Matter Of Balance
If you have colorful furniture, or vibrant pieces in the space to be painted, decide for softer colors that give prominence to the content.
On the contrary, if you have furniture with soft, minimalist, Nordic tones, you can choose a highlighted color tone to give more strength to the room.

4 : If You See A Color You Like In A Photo, Look It Up In A Color Swatch
It can be a color catalog. Examine it to find the most similar tone in your hand, as online photographs are not reliable. Use the computer and some software such as Adobe Photoshop to modify a photo of the room with this color you are looking for.
Bruguera has a beautiful application for Tablet and Smartphone called Visualizer, which allows you to paint the walls and see the results in real time to get a very approximate idea. Use Augmented Reality technology and tell you exactly the model and color of paint you need to achieve the effect on the screen.

5 : Collect Samples Of Your Favorite Colors
And hold them in front of elements such as paintings, carpets, furniture, windows, wood shades present …
So you’ll see how they relate to each other immediately, naturally. What sensations do they produce? Do they compete? Do they collaborate? Do they ask for marriage as soon as they approach them? This will give you a definitive clue about the combinations that work best.

6 : Match Colors With Decorative Details
Like fabrics, auctions, textile accessories, cushions, quilts, etc.

7 : Eye: The Perception Changes From The Hand To The Wall
Our painters know from experience that colors tend to look darker on the wall than in the samples. Therefore, when in doubt, opt for a slightly lighter tone when going from the catalog to the walls.

8 : Brightness Or Matte? It Depends
The color finish is also decisive. The matt tones disguise very well the defects of the wall, but the bright tones reflect more light and visually enlarge the room for it.
Matte tones are harder to keep clean (so discard them preferably for bathrooms and kitchens), but the gloss finishes can give a cheaper feeling if the walls are not in perfect condition.